About Me

Hello! I'm Nancy Elizabeth Green. I offer a full line of mind-body-spirit services in Greensboro, North Carolina, custom designed to meet and exceed your needs. If you've got 'that knot between the shoulder blades,' 'that pain in my lower back,' a trauma pattern that's 'stuck' in the body, or just a general 'blah' feeling, come see me and get the lead out!

As an intuitive healer I've often able to reconnect people with a part of themselves that may be troubled or lost. I use all the 'tools in my belt' to help release trauma and bring my clients back to their true, whole self. This can include traveling into time and other dimensions to find that core issue which prevent your from being your true, prefect, beautiful YOU!

My Spirit Based Workshops focus on reconnecting to the world and ourselves in a gentle, compassionate, non judgemental way.

I'm also an ordained minister through Universal Brotherhood Fellowship, and provide spiritual life counseling, wedding ceremonies, and other life transitions services.

My focus is on trauma of every and any kind (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), helping to release patterns and problems, and create space for the most perfect thing to happen. And I use many different modalities and techniques (including massage, bodywork, aromatherapy, quantum healing, reflexology, etc.) which combines to craft a complete service for you. Some clients call me a Spiritual Alchemist!

"I always feel so much better after my session with Nancy." FM

For a complete bio including my educational background and approach to massage therapy, simply give me a call or send me an email/text. I look forward to hearing from you.